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Anchor in Love

Meet the Protective Factors Group

The voices we lead with and listen to in this field have something critical to share. From the families we serve to colleagues that we work with, each voice has value and each life has complexity. The intersections of life in therapy requires a safe space for all voices to belong and become. We provide a confidential space, anchored in dignity and unearthing protective factors.

Our Story

PFG started on World Mental Health Day in 2021 with the hope to decrease disparities in mental health and provide solution-focused content to increase awareness on mental wellness.


Our Targets: 

  • Provide family therapy for clients on concerns throughout the family life cycle.

  • Create multimedia productions focused on promoting positive mental health awareness and reducing negative stigma in society.

  • Focus on the training and professional development of therapists in a systemic, relational, and cultural humility lens for holistic therapeutic services.

  • Contribute to family therapy research grants and awards for contributing to improved mental health outcomes.

Empowering Growth |
We are the Change.

The Group

We are leaders in mental health, community, and faith. Here to serve you.

Our Partners

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